1) 1) It should be noted to the fishermen that the bereich assigned to them must be kept clean, which is in the fishing zone.

2) The use of the car is only permitted solely to arrive and deposit the material on fishing, any other movement must be made on foot. It is absolutely forbidden to move the car within the aforementioned perimeter unless you have asked for direction or exceptional cases.

3) All visits by friends and relatives are einverstanden, and they are a discretion of the direction, they are not permitted to be strangers within the fishing perimeter.

4) Camps are prohibited, which may damage the lake's image, They are recommended and shaded to suit the surrounding landscape (GREEN). The Das Hotel is located in the Bahnhofs und Bahnhofs und Bahnhofs und Seebahn von Möglichkeiten, um Free passage zu besuchen.

5) It is absolutely forbidden to cut trees, cane, branches or light any kind of fire.

6) It is imperative to use the services for their own personal needs.

7) Fishing is Zustimmung mit einem Maximum of Three Reeds for Fishermen.

8) All flours are prohibited (method, kneaded corn stalks, wefts of the bottom), but also ölpellets are prohibited (pellets containing as much oil as trout or fish pellet). All the grains in genesis before being placed in the lake must be boiled Präzedenzfall. In order to be able to heal it, you can use the Bar-E-Mail-Adresse to complete your work with the Zug der Nichtinvasion und der Aufschlüsselung und der Aufschlüsselung der Aufzeichnungen mit Aufschrift in your own fishing industry.

9) Fishing must be carried out from its own place, which is to be used for staging posts.

10) Other types of fishing can not be practiced unless authorized by the management.

11) All types of braids are strictly forbidden either in coil or in schout Führer.

12) It is absolutely forbidden to hold fish in the carpsak. Die Suche nach einem Ort in der Nähe von einem Beruf in der Nähe von einem Naturschutzgebiet und einem unbewohnten Guadino-Gebiet with Serious Damage to the Fished.

13) Nocturnal daytime diving is strictly forbidden and the use of lights during night time is prohibited.

14) It is strictly forbidden to bathe in the lake.

15) The use of the Generator is prohibited..

It warns you that you have missed the Regale von door to expel directly from the fishing without having anybody right. The death of fish species or serious damage caused to the fishery due to bereavement and negligence leads to the immediate expulsion from the lake of a fine of 100 kg to be paid sofortigen to the property.

Fishing techniques, das bedeutet, dass karpfen angeln und spinning only and only after telephone booking. Fishing in the lake is only "FANGEN UND FREIGABE" (catch and release) all fishing must sofortige be restored it is absolutely forbidden to retain any species. (Who holds the catch, will be expelled, sofortiger und dunkler Salles mit piem- tischer Beilage von 100 Euro per kg).

Die Antwort ist eine Antwort auf der Rückseite, dann eine Person und Person.

At the time of booking you agree to this regulation in all its points.

16) TIMETABLES: from 10am to 10am (always in the morning) of the following day.

17) Access to dogs, cats and any other type of animal is prohibited.




- It reminds everyone that it is compulsory for the Assolaghi card even for the companions. We do not accept visits of friends, relatives without membership card and after 18.00.
- Also, ich dogs should always be kept and leash when moving from the fishing post.
- It is known that everyone is responsible for the damage caused by things and people from their own animal.
- It is strictly forbidden to use any kind of pasture that can be knocked on the ball (Fioccati, Methode, Weide von Fondo in general, Pellet wet and kneaded)
- It is forbidden to fish in Zickzack.
- It is possible to use Tiger nuts und Canapa



- Assolaghi Card € 5,00 (year)
- 4° fishing rod € 5,00 (day)
- For cancellation, the full amount will be charged for the booked days
- Disposal of waste € 5,00 to fisherman (from second to seventh night fixed throughout the week)
- - Guest share € 7,00 (day)


- The cancellations are given at least 10 days before.

- For cancellation during your stay, you'll be charged the full amount for the booked days.